The Writer member writes letters, articles, poetry, short stories for their blog, online column, or facebook page. They enjoy the uncluttered environment, not having to worry about formatting until they are done. The spell checker, thesaurus, search and replace are indispensable. But they do not need the additional book layout, or marketing and distribution tools.
Use Weavers of Dreams for: homework, reports, and thesis papers, letters, articles, poetry, short stories, posts for your blog, online column, or facebook page.

It's all about content creation whether artist, poet, or writer.
The Author member is focused on your book(s). They are constantly revising, moving parts between chapters, even re-arranging the chapters to better align the story's plot. As they approach the completion of the first draft, they layout the manuscript for submittal, adding artwork, and or images. The Author appreciates the additional time Weavers gives them to focus on the writing; and then having more time to work on changes and working with a professional Editor to edit, markup, and comment on the manuscript.
With a completed manuscript, the Author may also be a Producer of the epub, pdf, and kindle files to be delivered. You are Marketer to your readers and fans, and Distributor to your sales channels. The Author needs to develop cover art; add barcodes, and links to distribution sites. But most of all, the Author/Publisher requires sales tools: a way to sell books at the back of the room at events, and dealing with printers, to produce the POD books as ordered.
Benefits Member Type
Weavers of Dreams is a Cloud application, that means:
nothing to install, no software upgrades, no hard drive space needed.
Just subscribe for FREE and write.

Manage ALL your works (or ideas) in your workspace:
Add as many titles as you wish
Write poems
Write posts ... (blog, facebook, linkedin, and e-zines)
Write articles
Write short stories and/or Anthologies
Write books
Create Color, Comic, Recipe, and Photo books ... Try something new!

Online Editor
Re-arrange your chapters easily!
Find, Replace, Spell Check, Thesaurus
Automatic word/page counts by chapter and book
Add quotes and headings to your chapters
Add Drop-Caps to your paragraphs
Add Special Characters to your paragraphs
Add Footnotes to your text
Insert Images to your text 50mb max 200mb max

Manage Extra Sections for your books
Elevator Pitch  
Book Synopsis  
Inside Teaser text  
Author Bio and Photo  
Back Page text  

Output copies for Editing and Distribution
MS Word DOC file - auto formatted for ease of editing
PDF file - Send to your favorite Digital Printer  
EPUB file - distribute to online bookstores.  
Kindle (mobi) file - Sell on Amazon's Kindle  

Manage key Publishing and Copyright information
Auto-Generates Title and Copyright pages
Maintain your publisher information, so it prints on the copyright page  
Maintain ISBN's for print AND e-books  
Maintain book/story pricing  

Additional tools to help distribute and sell your books.
Use the Layout Dashboard to prepare the PDF book for Printing  
Store links to distribution sites such as Amazon and others for sharing  
Produce "Chapter Booklets" as marketing giveaways  
Cost per month FREE!
Cost per year
50% savings!!
FREE! $120

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