Getting Your Manuscript Into Weavers of Dreams

Just remember that you are 'just writing'. Don't think about formatting, spacing, bold, italics, images, or any special items like tables, indexes, or footnotes. Just get your chapters into the Workshop.

Your first step is to create a new work, or title. Once you successfully login, you will see the Library page. This is your starting point.
In the top row of "My Library" is a link: Add a New Title.
When you click here, a new title will be opened, and will display the Chapters Tab. The application will automatically create two New Empty Chapters for you to work with. You will see several sections, the largest titled Chapter Body Text. Look on the first row of the tool bar.
There you will see the Paste As Plain Text button. When you click on this tool button ...
A new dialog will open for you to paste your chapter into. Click inside the large text box, and paste your text. In most browsers you can right-click, and select paste, or you can use the keyboard combination of ctrl-V.
With your text in place, click on the green "OK" button to insert it into the Chapter Body Text. This process will REMOVE all formatting, and special characters used by your word processor.
Finally, the dialog will disappear, and your "cleaned" text will appear in the chapter. Press the big SAVE button over on the right side and you're done!

With your first chapter saved, you can continue with the rest of your manuscript's sections in the same manner.

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