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... while you're in the zone, and your characters are talking to you. ... modify, correct, improve, and polish your manuscript. ... add touches that are uniquely yours: tables, images, footnotes, text boxes, drop caps ... add those items important to any published work

and ... Produce

Format your manuscript with ONE CLICK for:
MS Word DOCX format specialized for your First-Reader/editors to markup and return to you; Adobe PDF specialized for Printing the book for bookstore Distribution; EPub ebook digital file, Kindle file for sharing, or distribution to Amazon, iBookStore, Nook, KOBO, or Smashwords.

SPECIAL NOTE: Weavers of Dreams does NOT covert files.
We Provide you the tools to publish well. Enter your content, and leave the formatting to us.

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(There are currently over 343 works in production or completed)

Best Kept Authoring Secret Since 2007!

The WOD has been "in the cloud" since before it was "IN". Over 100 books (print, and digital) have been produced using the tools available here. And the ease of access of the internet these days gives you total freedom, control, and power over getting those sudden epiphanies into your storage. Plus, moving from one project to another is just a click away.

Write Anything

The WOD isn't just about writing books ... write Short Stories, Essays, Articles, Thesis Papers, Poetry, Chapters and Books; THEN generate them to a MS Word File, PDF, EPUB, and/or Kindle for turning in on time.

The Usual Tools

Use built-in online Search/replace, Spell Checker, and Thesaurus to reduce those annoying typos.

Gauge Your Progress!

Word Counts! On the title page, and each Chapter help you see your progress immediately.

Add Your Existing Manuscript

Paste your manuscript into the editor, and we remove all the pesky "Word thingys" that make composition and formatting a nightmare. Once the work is clean, you can leisurely compose your great american novel with ease, knowing when you are ready to produce, it will have the professional look and feel you expect.

Editing Sometimes Means Moving Stuff

Rearrange your chapters easily; use the sequencer to keep your latest working chapter at the top of the list when you come on-site. And inserting or (ewwwwww) deleting a chapter is FAR too easy.

Professional-Touch Sections

Use extra sections: elevator pitch, synopsis, dedication, forward, author bio, synopsis, back page text, teasers, and chapter headings: Weavers will assemble them in the proper order for production!


  New Tabs in the workspace New export option
  • Final Subscription Rates Set
  • Footnotes - Add footnotes with both forward, and back links that work in most ereaders
  • Side Bar Text Boxes - bordered, side-bars retain formatting in most ereaders
  • Poetry Boxes - retain formatting in most e-readers
  • Updated Tips/Tricks Page
  • Updated Chapters Page
  • Articles: Now available as a Navigation Tab - AND in the Reference Library
  • Tutorials: Now available as a Navigation Tab - AND in the Reference Library
Our export e-books now retain look-and-feel across ePub and Kindle for most ereaders!
  • Word File
  • Print PDF
  • ePub
  • NEW: Kindle

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