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+ What is Weavers of Dreams?

Weavers of Dreams is the single most powerful Content Creation Workshop for Writer's and Authors. On Weavers, you can plan, write, edit, and produce your fiction OR non-fiction book, and eBook.

We provide tools to not only write your book, but embellish that work with images, tables, drop caps, reference notes, and side-bars ... all the things that make reading more interesting and memorable.

+ What makes Weavers of Dreams different?

Weavers of Dreams Author Workshop uses an updated editor. In our editor you can include not only images and tables in your books, but add Drop Caps, End Notes, and now, Side Bars. And as we move forward we will be adding other embellishments as we go!

DON'T FORMAT THAT TEXT! Just Write! We have built the formatter into the generation of your completed eBook. This formatter is based on the specifications of the eBook companies such as Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, iBooks, and others.

Here's the thing. You can create the most beautiful manuscript, and when you upload it for conversion, many of your embellisments either disappear or just don't work, (or worse, look hideous!). Our team has reviewed the specs, and developed a consistent Generator to reliably include the embellishments we make available in our editor. In fact, it must pass rigorous testing in multiple e-Readers before making it on to the toolbar!

+ Do you publish books?

Weavers of Dreams provides the tools so you can publish your books yourself. If you wish to connect with a Publisher, our partner, AZ Publishing Services, offers a full line of publishing services.

+ What is an eBook?

EBooks are electronic (digital) versions of a physically printed book. EBooks are becoming more popular, especially now that there are multiple eBook readers available. It is often more cost effective to publish an eBook versus a physically printed book. Publishing an eBook is a great way to get your book online and test market its appeal.

+ Does Weavers create eBooks?

ABSOLUTELY! Weavers creates PDF files that can be shared and sold on your website, or distributed through the many peer review sites.

AND ... Weavers creates ePub files. Using that ePub file, you can validate it (at http://www.validator.idpf.org/), and once validated, you can submit them for distribution on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, iBooks, and other retailers.

AND ... Weavers creates Kindle files than can be submitted directly to Amazon's Kindle distributors.

All of this from your single Workshop Manuscript, without any conversion process.

+ Does Weavers convert files (PDF to ePub, PDF to Kindle, Word to ePub, Word to Kindle)?

The short answer is No ... we do not execute conversions. There are many services online that do specifically do conversions (google "convert pdf to kindle").

Weavers of Dreams is a Content Creation site. The Workshop affords authors many tools to streamline the process and increase the odds of a successful "validatable" files.

+ Can I publish both an eBook and a physical print copy?

Absolutely! But in today's marketplace it is much smarter to release your eBook first. Test the market, and generate a following. You have the opportunity to spend time and money on marketing without having to pay for the substantial costs of printing. When you can see there are buyers, then produce a small run of 10-50 print books.

+ What web browser is best for Weavers of Dreams?

The Weavers of Dreams website performs most consistently and faster when using Mozilla FireFox. This helps to ensure that there will be few, if any, Java, Javscript or HTML errors. We have tested and also recommend Google's Chrome, Opera, and Apple's Safari. If you are running Microsoft Internet Explorer, please be sure you are using the most current version.

Pricing, Privacy, and Storage

+ How much does it cost me to put my books and stories on Weavers?

Writers: Putting your work on the WOD as a Writer, costs nothing, NADA, that's $0. As a Writer, you have access to our advanced editor, with all the bells and whistles already prepared for your use!. You can then download your work(s) as a MS Word file already formatted anytime you wish.

Authors: If you wish to take advantage of more advanced services, such as PDF, eBook, and Kindle generation, Additional Storage, costs $20 per month, or $120 a year.

+ If I write a story or book on Weavers is it private or is it made public as soon as I enter the text.

Your works are kept private behind your own username and password. We DO NOT publish your works, and they are kept private until YOU decide to do something with them.

Getting Started

+ How do I write my book on your site?

Your first step is to Sign Up using the link above. Once you have done that, you have access to the wide array of author tools we offer. You can literally, design how your book will look: Upload your cover art; key in or paste your chapters; then generate your manuscript file fully formatted!

We have provided a workspace for authors that not only includes an editor to write and edit in; but the editor has been equipped with a spell checker, thesaurus, character development tool, and basic outline of your chapters.

The workspace provides tools for you to prepare your book for publication. It guides you through many things that most writers/authors often forget to think about as their book takes form. And the Workspace isn't all! Authors can take advantage of Service Providers to assist them with Editing, Illustrations, Graphic/Cover Design, and even links to AZ Publishing Services for print publishing support.

And for the aspiring author, we have something no one else has: our Book Layout and Assembler. This service will take the book you have so carefully prepared on the WOD, and compile it right before your eyes into a PDF file - ready for printing! Or for e-mailing as gifts to friends and family!

+ How do I layout my book?

For Writers, free users, Weavers of Dreams will layout your book for you in MS Word, incorporating all the bells and whistles you included.

For Authors, when you complete your writing, there is a set of buttons on the title tab that lets you create MS Word, Print PDF, and ePub files. The MS Word, ePub, and Kindle will be formatted for you, while the PDF has a Layout Tool to allow you to adjust some options.

+ What do I do when I am done writing?

The layout tool can generate a print-ready PDF. This PDF can be delivered to a book printer who can print your book.

The ePub and Kindle files are built using the guidelines/specifications provided by the IDPF and Amazon/KDP. You can take these files to their websites and submit them with confidence to their marketplaces

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