Weavers of Dreams is a place for authors to Just Write! Never worry about formating your document again. Use the tools of the trade: thesaurus, spell checker, outline, and tool box to develop your story. And when you are done, layout the manuscript for your destination. Set up a classic Kindle, or Smashwords submittal file - or ouput your manuscript to a Printer Ready PDF file.

Our Partners

Az Publishing Services, LLC

Az Publishing Services has published over 30 books in the last three years, with new titles moving into the pipeline every month. They are a full-service publisher, offering editing, cover design, layout design, digital printing, and marketing assistance services. As an independent publisher, they bookstores on: their own site, Amazon, and Smashwords. Az Publishing Services partners with Weavers of Dreams to provide the tools to make writing easier, and more enjoyable to their authors.

Wiz Kidz, International

Wiz Kidz, International is a web design, layout, and hosting company. They specialize in service to authors and publishers, and work closely with Az Publishing Services to tailor their web services to authors.

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